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Custom LCD display & custom tft

Custom tft display, semi-custom tft lcd, custom oled

If would choose a tft lcd display or OLED display, you would find you have to choose the standard sizes tft lcd or oled, for tft lcd module, you have to choose the standard sizes such as 2.4”, 4.3” 7” tft lcd etc, or 0.96”, 1.3”, 1.5” standard sizes of oled, so can we custom tft lcd display or semi-custom tft lcd, and custom oled display? Yes, we could tell you it is possible, but before the custom tft lcd or semi-custom tft or oled, you have to evaluate how many tooling cost you could afford for them? Because custom tft lcd panel or oled glass panel, the tooling cost would be too high for most of projects.

Custom tft display:

If you don’t like to choose the standard tft lcd module, we understand most of times, the standard tft can not satisfy your design idea, sometime it is too long or too short, sometime it is too wide or too thin, so what can we do? How about a custom tft lcd display sizes? That is a good idea, but a total custom tft lcd panel, its cost would be at least 100 thousand USD, the tooling cost is based on the TFT G4 production line, the higher generation tft lcd manufacturer production line, the tooling fee would be more higher, the higher generation tft lcd factory, its mother glass sizes is bigger, then the MOQ would be more higher. Such as customized make a tft lcd sizes near to 2.4” in G4 tft lcd factory, its MOQ would be at least 10k pcs per lot. It is only the tft lcd panel tooling fee, besides the custom tft lcd panel, you have to consider to custom backlight for customized tft lcd, and custom fpc for the connection, and sometimes, if you would like to custom IPS tft lcd display with all viewing angle tft lcd module, you have to take more tooling fee about 50 thousand USD. As you could see, if your projects is not a big project, custom tft lcd display is not a cost effective solution. Then how about a cheaper solution for semi-custom tft lcd?

custom tft lcd display module

Semi-custom tft lcd display module

What is semi-custom tft lcd module, which part we could custom made for semi-custom tft lcd module? The answer is besides tft lcd panel, the others parts on tft lcd module could be customized made. there are many standard tft lcd sizes for your choices, we don't have to total custom make tft lcd, a semi-custom tft would be economy and feasible way. the standard tft sizes can be from 0.96", 1.1",1.3", 1.54", 1.77", 2.0", 2.2", 2.4" 2.6",2.8", 3.0", 3.2",3.5", 4.3", 5", 7", 8", 9", 10.1" 10.4",12.1", 13.3", 15", and up to 86" tft panel available. display resolution can be : 80x160 pixels, 160x128, 176x220, 240x320, 320x480, 480x272, 640x480, 800x480, 1024x600, 1280x800 pixels etc.

The backlight of tft lcd module, the FPC sizes, shape, length and I/O interface..., all these parts could be customized makings besizes the tft panel. we call it semi-custom tft lcd module.

The backlight dimensions, the luminance of backlight could be custom made. If you would like to custom made the FPC, it is not a big deal and the fpc tooling fee is lower, but there is one thing we have to consider, that is the I/O interface of tft lcd module, the tft lcd module I/O interface have to be decided by the TFT LCD driver and its match tft lcd cell, the tft lcd I/O interface have to be limited to the tft IC driver’s capability. If in that case, we have to add the addition convert board to the tft lcd module, and cost would be increased. Maclight display is profession in custom tft lcd display module, and semi-custom tft lcd is also Maclight strength in Chinese LCD supplier.

custom tft lcd

Custom oled display

Standard oled display models are only available for some certain sizes, then some engineers would thinking about custom oled display. To custom oled display module, there are custom PM OLED and custom AM OLED. Custom oled tooling cost is almost similar to custom tft lcd glass. The tooling fee of custom PM oled would be 300 thousand USD, the tooling fee of AM oled would be 5 times than PM OLED, and AM OLED production capability is shortage in this stage, AM OLED custom projects is only opened for some well-known brand customers and projects.

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