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Maclight products naming system

Maclight Characters and Graphic LCD Coding System
ML  G    12864   J  W  F  – 1  P  N – W -  B – T -  other
1    2     3        4   5   6    7  8    9    10   11  12   13
1. ML: Maclight
2. Display type: G: graphic, C: Characters
3. Resolution: 12864: 128X64 pixels, 162:16x2 characters
4. Internal LCD glass code:
5. Display mode:
(default): TN positive mode,
Y: yellow-green,
B: blue mode,
G: gray mode ,
N: TN negative mode .
W: Black and white mode (FSTN negative: item 5=W add item9=N, FSTN positive: item 5=W add item9=(defult))
D: DFSTN mode
6. Polarizer mode:
(default): tranmissive,
F: transflective,
R: reflective
7. Serial number
8. PCB type:
(default): COG without PCB or characters COB,
B:  graphic COB
P: COG LCD with PCB type
9. N: only for Black and white mode Negative type,  (default): non Black and white mode Negative type
10. Temperature mode:
(default): working: -20~+70°c, storage: -30~+80°c,
W: working: -30~+80°c,  storage: -40~+90°c,
N: working: 0~+50°c,  storage: -10~+60°c
11. Backlight color:
(default): white color for other display mode, and Yellow-green backlight for yellow green LCD mode only,
A: Ambire,
R: red,
Y: yellow B/L color for non yellow-green lcd mode,
W: white
12. Viewing angle:
(default): 6:00 o’clock,
T: 12:00 o’clock,
13.Special code
All default value: TN positive, transmissive, COG or characters COB, non FSTN negative, -20~70 working, white b/l colors or Y-G BL for YG mode,6:00 o'clock



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