• 0.66 inch oled display module SSD1306 MLD066-6448B
0.66 inch oled display module SSD1306 MLD066-6448B

0.66 inch oled display module SSD1306 MLD066-6448B

  • 0.66 inch oled display
  • 64x48 pixels oled
  • SSD1306 driver oled
  • wide viewing angle oled
  • Product description: 0.66 inch oled display module,64x48 dots,this oled module sizes is 0.66 inch in diagonal, white & blue color available for 0.66" OLED, wide viewing angle oled. 0.66" display OLED module.

0.66 inch oled display module introduction:

OLED 0.66 inch is a monochrome graphic oled display, 64x48 pixels oled display.

The 0.66 inch oled module, with FPC connection, it have 64x48 dots, two color available, light blue and white color available, wide viewing angle, wide temperature, high brightness, high contrast.

OLED display module characters-0.66 inch oled:

because it is OLED display module, oled could be emitting light by itself, no need for backlight, so oled display module would be thinner than tft lcd module,

and it don't like tft lcd, oled display have no viewing angle limited, OLED display is wide/full viewing angle, oled display have excellent display performance in all viewing angle.

0.66’’ OLED display module could be displayed in wide temperature, its working temperature could be reached to -40 degree, and 80 degree.

0.66’’ OLED display module is the best display solution in the outdoor display, such as sunlight environment, and also for industrial or medical application that need the wide viewing angle and high brightness display.

And it’s often used for smart watch, MP3, function cellphone, portable health device and many others application.

0.66" oled display module key parameters:

Display mode:

OLED display

Diagonal Size

0.66“ OLED ( diagonal)



Outline Dimension


Active Area


Display Format

64x48 Dots

Driver IC



Parallel,4-wire SPI,I2C


blue or white

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