• Resistive touch 4.3 tft lcd screen MLT043R40-T26
Resistive touch 4.3 tft lcd screen MLT043R40-T26

Resistive touch 4.3 tft lcd screen MLT043R40-T26

  • 4.3 tft lcd screen
  • Resistive touch sreen (RTP)
  • RGB interface
  • 480x272 pixel
  • Product description: 4.3" tft lcd with resistive touch module,ST7282 IC, 480RGB*272 pixels, RGB interface, 4 wires RTP touch panel.

4.3 tft lcd screen with resistive touch, it is with 4 wires resistive touch panel, it is composed of a TFT-LCD panel, driver IC, FPC, a back light,resistive touch unit. The 4.3 inch display area contains 480 x 272 pixels and can display up to 16.7M colors. ROHS compliance.

Part number: MLT043R40-T26

key characters for 4.3 tft lcd screen with resistive touch

Item Contents Unit Note
LCD Type TFT -
Display color 16.7M
Viewing Direction 12 O’Clock
Operating temperature -20~+70
Storage temperature -30~+80
Module size 105.5X67.2X4.1 mm
Active Area(W×H) 95.04X53.86 mm
Number of Dots 480×272 dots
Controller ST7282 -
Power Supply Voltage 3.3 V
Outline Dimensions Refer to outline -
Backlight 5*2-LEDs (white) pcs
Weight --- g
Interface RGB888 -

Electrical characteristics:

Parameter Symbol Condition Min Typ Max Unit Note
Power supply VDD Ta=25 3 3.3 3.6 V
Input voltage ‘H’ VIH VDD=3.3V 0.8VDD - VDD V
‘L’ VIL VDD=3.3V 0 - 0.2VDD V
Current Consumption IDD1 Normal mode - -- -- mA
IDD2 Sleep mode - -- -- mA
Clock Frequency fCLK - 8 9 12 MHz

4.3 tft lcd screen Interface:

Pin No. Symbol I/O Function
1 VLED- I LED back light(Cathode)
2 VLED+ I LED back light(Anode)
3 GND Ground.
4 VDD I Power supply
5-12 R0~R7 I Red data bus
13-20 G0~G7 I Green data bus
21-28 B0~B7 I Blue data bus
29 GND Ground.
30 PCLK I Data clock
31 DISP I Standby mode select pin
32 HSYNC I Line sync signal
33 VSYNC I Frame sync signal
34 DE I Data enable pin
35 NC No connection.
36 GND Ground.
37 XR O Touch panel
38 YD O
39 XL O
40 YU O

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