• TFT capacitive touch 7 inch
TFT capacitive touch 7 inch

TFT capacitive touch 7 inch

  • 7 inch tft capacitive touch screen
  • with projected capacitive touch panel(PCT)
  • 10 points multi-touch
  • I2C interface(CTP),G+G
  • Product description: 7 inch tft capacitive touch screen, 800x480 resolution, sunlight readable high brightness is optional. multi-touch capacitive touch panel.

This is 7 inch tft capacitive touch screen, 800x480 resolution, the tft screen is RGB interface, capacitive touch panel is I2C interface,  the tft brightness is 500 nits, after adding the capacitive touch, the tft capacitive touch screen brightness is 420 nits (typ),  6 o'clock viewing angle. the projected capacitive touch is attached on the tft lcd screen by frame bonding.

It can be used in Medical application, automotive, industrial application, pos machine, electronic meter application etc.

TFT with CTP

7 inch tft lcd module with capacitive touch panel screen


RGB interface(lcd)

I2C interface(ctp)

G+G (capacitive touch)

TFT capacitive touch 7

TFT lcd pin difiniation:

Pin No. Symbol I/O Function
1-2 VLED+ P LED back light(Anode)
3-4 VLED- P LED back light(Cathode)
5 GND P Ground.
6 VCOM P Common voltage
7 DVDD P Power supply
8 MODE I DE/YSNC mode select
9 DE I Data enable pin
10 VSYNC I Frame sync signal
11 HSYNC I Line sync signal
12-19 B7~B0 I Blue data bus
20-27 G7~G0 I Green data bus
28-35 R7~R0 I Red data bus
36 GND P Ground.
37 DCLK I Data clock
38 GND P Ground.
39 L/R I Right/Left sequence control of source driver
40 U/D I Gate driver Up/Down scan control of gate driver
41 VGH I Gate on voltage
42 VGL P Gate off voltage
43 AVDD P power for analog circuit
44 RESET I Chip reset pin
45 NC - No connection.
46 VCOM P Common voltage
47 DITHB I Dithering function
48 GND P Ground
49-50 NC - No connection.

Capacitive touch screen pin difinition:

Pin No Symbol I/O Function
1-4 NC - No connection.
5 GND P Ground
6 VDD P CTP Power supply
7 INT I External Interrupt to the IC of CTP
8 WAKE I Reset the display
9 SCL I Serial clock
10 SDA I Serial Input/output data bus

What is tft capacitive touchscreen:

TFT capacitive touch screen means the tft lcd screen attached with projected capacitive touch screen. we also call it tft with CTP or TFT with PCAP, the projected capacitive touch panel can be stuck on the tft lcd screen with optical bonding and frame bonding. to the TN tft lcd display, the capacitive touch attached way would be frame bonding, if for IPS TFT lcd screen, the PCAP can be attached by optical bonding way, the optical bonding capacitive touch can be higher transparencty ratio and less light scattering than frame bonding capacitive touch panel.

The projected capacitive touch screen can be in USB interface and I2C interface, it is easy to connect to the LCD controller board.



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