• Custom COG LCD VATN multi-color
  • Custom COG LCD VATN multi-color
Custom COG LCD VATN multi-colorCustom COG LCD VATN multi-color

Custom COG LCD VATN multi-color

  • Custom COG LCD
  • VA TN LCD mode
  • Multi-colors LCD
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Product description: Custom COG LCD VATN multi-color, segment lcd with 8 digitals, 4 colors silk printing.

This is custom COG VATN LCD module,

VA TN lcd module, supper wide viewing angle lcd.

Supper black background, high contrast LCD.

Multi-colors (4 colors) lcd

Custom segments lcd

White LCD backlight,

FPC connection

I2C, SPI LCD interface.

Chip on glass (COG) LCD module

It is suitable for industrial application, cost competitive solutions and can be total custom making the LCD dimensions, segments display patterns based on differerence applications. the SPI or I2C LCD interface could save the MCU port and easily connect the MCU with faster data speed.

The VA TN LCD mode bring the LCD with high contrast than other TN or stn lcd panel, because it has a more black background, and it has the wider viewing angle than other TN or STN LCD, so the VA TN lcd is a good choice for the high class production application.

Four colors segment display bring a wonderful color display effect than other monochrome lcd panel. it is suitable for the application that no need the full colors display, the color segments display only need small ROM for the MCU.

The SPI / I2C lcd interface also save the interface ports to the MCU.

The COG LCD module inbuilt with IC driver inside, with high brightness white LED backlight.

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