• Oled touch screen 5.5 inch amoled
Oled touch screen 5.5 inch amoled

Oled touch screen 5.5 inch amoled

  • Oled touch screen 5.5 inch
  • 1920*1080 / 1280*720
  • with on-cell capacitive touch
  • Amoled with MIPI interface
  • Product description: Oled touch screen 5.5 inch, amoled display module, full colors, 1920*1080 and 1280*720 pixels available, 4 lane MIPI interface.

It is popular oled touch screen, 5.5 inch amoled display module, full colors, it is made of 1920*1080 and 1280*720 pixels optional, with on-cell capacitive touch screen, it support 4 lane MIPI interface.

The 5.5 inch oled touch screen is ideal for smart home applications, intelligent technology devices, energy systems, meter devices, communication systems, medical instrument, etc.

HDMI driver board available.

Resolution: 1080x1920 / 720x1280 pixels optional

Active area: 68.2x121.3 mm

Outline dimension: 70.36x127.34x 0.77 mm (W*H*T)

Colors: 16.7 M color

Interface: 4 lane Mipi (could add the HDMI driver board)

Touch panel: with on-cell capacitive touch

LCD driver IC: RM67198

CTP touch driver: GT1151

Contrast: 10000:1 (min)

Viewing angle: free viewing angle

NTSC: 90% (min)

Touch panel pin interface:

No Symbol Description
1 DVDD Power supply for display logic circuits 1.8V
2 RESET Reset pin for TP,Active low
3 AVDD Analog power for TP 3.3V
4 SDA SDA pin for TP
5 SCL SCL pin for TP
6 INT INT pin for TP
7 GND Ground

What is OLED touch screen:

Oled touch screen means the OLED screen with touch function, for the AM oled touch screen, it would multi-touch capacitive touch. if for monochrome oled screen, the oled touch screen can be one point touch screen or multi-touch points touch screen, or one point + gesture touch screen. if the touch screen that used for small oled display or tiny oled screen, the one point touch screen or one point + gesture touch screen would be sufficient  for the oled touch screen, if for bigger sizes of oled display, then a muli-touch screen would be suitable for big size of OLED screen.

Can i custom make oled touch screen:

Yes, Maclight support to custom make the touch screen for our monochrome oled screen and color oled screen, such as 2.42" pm oled touch screen, 2.7" monochrome oled touch screen and many other sizes oled screen, we would custom make the oled screen with competitive cost.

What is OLED and AMOLED?

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode.
The OLED display contains an LED which is comprised of an organic material that emits light when the current is passed through it. It is used to display rich and vibrant colors.
AMOLED stands for Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode.



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