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2.42" custom oled display with PCB SSD1305 custom oled touch screen optional

  • Custom 2.42 inch oled module
  • SPI, I2C interface
  • 128x64 pixel
  • SSD1305 driver
  • Product description: 2.42" custom oled display, custom oled touch screen optional,white color, 128x64 dots, SSD1305 driver IC, SPI, I2C interface. supper wide temperature oled display screen, custom PCB with oled display

2.42" custom oled display module with PCB, custom oled touch screen is optional, custom PCB and interface, white display color, 128x64 pixel resolution, SSD1309 / SSD1309 driver IC optional, SPI, I2C interface optional.  supper wide temperature oled display screen, wide operating temperature: -40~85 degree, storage temperature: -40~ 85 degree.

Outline sizes: 66.0*164.0*8.8 mm

Active area: 55.02*13.18 mm

Interface: I2C, SPI

Resolution: 128x64 pixels

Viewing angle: free

This is the custom 128x64 pixel OLED display,the custom OLED display is combined the OLED display screen, metal frame, PCB connector, rotator, DC-DC circuit, this custom OLED display diagonal size is 2.4 inch. SSD1309 controller, I2C/4-wire serial interface. Because the oled could emit light by itself, no need the backlight. OLED could save the power of display, it is wide viewing angle and operating temperature.

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