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New trend on round lcd display screen

1. Round screen type: round lcd display Vs. round oled display:

The new trend for round display screen are most of because the wearables devices, such as smart watch. It would need the round display screen have high display resolution, vivid color in display performance. The round display type have monochrome graphic lcd, round color tft lcd, round oled display.

2. Round lcd display screen advantage:

Compare to round oled display screen, round lcd display is the popular trend in wearables devices, because of the circular lcd screen cost is more cheaper than circular oled display screen, many consumer products is very sensitive to on the cost. And with our new design backlight, round tft lcd display screen is more thinner than before, the thickness could be less than 2mm for the round tft lcd display even with circular backlight.

3. Round lcd display and touch screen

For the application on wearable devices, a circular tft lcd display with round capacitive touch screen, it become more and more popular, and more convenience to the people operate the wearable devices. you could find its applications from many blog.

4. Round oled display screen advantage:

The main advantage of round oled display screen are on the thickness and power consumption, with higher contrast to achieve more vivid color. The shortage is on the cost, most of projects were turned to round tft lcd display after comparing the cost of round oled display

5. Difference sizes of round tft lcd display and round oled display screen

To catch the new trend of round display, Maclight have variety of round display:

* 1.22 inch round lcd display screen - tft lcd type

* 1.3 inch round lcd display screen- tft lcd type

* 1.39 inch round oled display screen

* 1.5 inch round lcd display screen- tft lcd type

* 2.1 inch round lcd display screen- tft lcd type

* 3 inch round lcd display screen- tft lcd type

3 inch round lcd display

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