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Sunlight readable display & transflective lcd screen

How to make sunlight readable tft lcd

When you check your display under the sunlight, many people have experiences that they can not see the display clearly under sunlight, at this time, you would need sunlight readable display, in this article, we would introduce Sunlight readable tft for you, and we would introduce more display solutions that with sunlight readable display in the coming articles.

Sunlight readable tft and high brightness tft backlight:

To make a sunlight readable tft display, we would need a backlight that with high brightness, the tft lcd display that with high brightness backlight, because the high brightness tft lcd display could balance the light from the environment.

So how to make your display to high brightness tft, some people might think, that would be easy, we just need to put as possible as more led chips inside the backlight, but to a small tft lcd module, such as 2.4 inch sunlight readable tft, because 2.4” tft is small sizes, there would be without enough space for placing too many led chips, a regular 2.4” tft lcd backlight would use 2~4 leds on the backlight edge, is regular brightness would be around 200 nits (the led chips have to place near the tft glass bonding sides, because concerning the evenness of light transmit), such as for making 2.4 inch sunlight readable, it is maximum can be put 6 led chips on this sizes, while as a sunlight readable display, its brightness would be better up to 500 nits, so the 2.4 inch tft lcd module with 6 led chips, its brightness would be around 350 nits if we don’t make other change.

High brightness tft backlight efficiency

So we have to take other ways for enhance the backlight brightness, another solution would be change the LED chips that with high efficiency emitting light, with high efficiency led chips, the tft display brightness could be increased up to 30%~50%, and more near to sunlight readable tft display.

Beside these, we also have to concern the light transmit efficiency inside the backlight, more D-BEF films is necessary for increasing the light transmitting efficiency from the led chips, and in the same time, a well designing light transmittance board would increase the the light efficiency in sunlight readable tft.

The heat issue of sunlight readable lcd

By these ways, we could make tft display with high brightness tft backlight, but, it is not enough now, we still have to think about the materials, because as a high brightness tft backlight, it could produce more heat than regular brightness tft lcd module, so we have to choose the materials that could stand high temperature, and the whole backlight design have to be with good heat radiation, otherwise, the sunlight readable tft lcd would be overheat after long time working.

Sunlight readable tft lcd contrast

At the last, for making a sunlight readable tft, a high brightness lcd is not all, we also have to concern the lcd display contrast, to achieve the sunlight readable tft, a high contrast tft lcd is also necessary.

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