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OLED Display technology

TOP 5 OLED manufacturers in China 2023

List of OLED manufacturers in China
  1. BOE

  2. CSOT

  3. Tianma

  4. Visionox

  5. EverDisplay Optronics (EDO)

1. BOE : TOP 1 OLED manufacturer in China OLED manufacturer in China BOE

BOE was found in 1993 , Located in Beijing, BOE is the No.1 LCD manufacturer and OLED manufacturer in China, BOE has 11 tft panel plants and 4 AMOLD panel plants in China, BOE tft panels factories are located in Beijing, Chengdu, Hefei, Chongqing, Fuzhou, and AMOLED factories in Eerduoshi (G5.5 Amoled line), Chengdu (G6 AMOLED line), Mianyang ( G6 AMOLED line), BOE is the first company for the mass production of flexible am oled screen in China. The yield ratio of flexible screen in BOE is better than other oled manufacturers in China. BOE is also the screen supplier of Apple Inc.

Difference to their tft panel, the BOE OLED panel is mainly used for the smartphone and the related application, that focus in small sizes OLED screen.

2. CSOT: TOP 2 OLED manufacturer in China OLED manufacturer in China CSOT

CSOT was found in 2009, CSOT’s parent company is TCL, COST have two AMOLED lines, one is located in Wuhan, China (G6 AMOLED) lines, and another oled facotory is located in Shenzhen (G11 line).

3. Tianma : Top 3 OLED manufacturer in China OLED manufacturer Tianma

Tianma was found in 1983, Tianma is a high-tech enterprise that specializing in LCD and OLED panel, lcd module and oled module. Tianma China including Shenzhen Tianma, Shanhai Tianma, Chengdu Tianma, Xiameng Tianma, Tianma production lines have stn lcd, tft lcd panel and oled screen. Tianma OLED factories are located in Shanghai (G5.5 AMOLED) and Wuhan (G6 AMOLED). Tianma’s flexible oled screen has been on mass production. All the Tianma’s screen are focus in small to medium screen.

4. Visionox OLED manufactuer visionox

Visionox was found in 2001, different to other oled manufacturers in China that only with AMOLED lines, Visionox has PMOLED and AMOLED factories, as a pm oled manufacturer, Visionox PM OLED including monochrome oled module, and color pmoled screen. Visionox is the first monochrome PM oled company in China mainland. Visionox also has two AMOLED lines, a G5.5 amoled lines in Kunsan and a G6 amoled factory Langfang Hebei, that with the production capacity in 70kk/months for smartphone screen.

5. EverDisplay Optronics (EDO) oled manufacturer EDO

EDO was found in 2012, EDO is the company that fully in AMOLED screen, located in Shanghai, EDO has two OLED production lines, G4.5 AMOLED line (10kk/year) and G6 AMOLED line that can produce partly flexible oled screen.

*** Maclight Display *** OLED supplier China Maclight

If you are seeking the oled manufacturer in China, or find the OLED supplier from China, please contact Maclight Display, Maclight display has the variety OLED screen that including monochrome oled display module, and color oled screen for industrial and consumer application. Maclight has the flexible supply chain in oled screen, on stock selling and small orders acceptable, no MOQ requirement, fast delivery and price competitive.

Maclight OLED screen

0.96" oled display module: ==>oled display module 0.96

  • 0.96 inch graphic oled display module
  • 128x64 pixels oled display
  • white/blue/blue-yellow color oled
  • wide viewing angle oled

1.3" oled module 128x64: ==>1.3 inch oled module 128x64

  • 1.3 inch monochrome graphic oled display module
  • 128x64 pixels oled display
  • white color oled
  • SPI/I2C/Parallel interface oled

2.42" oled screen 128x64 oled: ==>128x64 oled 2.42

  • 2.42 inch mono oled display screen
  • 128x64 pixels
  • wide temperature, SSD1305 driver
  • Parallel / I2C/ SPI interface

1.45 inch color oled screen: ==>color oled screen 1.45
  • 1.45 inch full color oled display
  • 160*128 pixels oled screen
  • SEPS525 driver ic oled
  • wide temperature oled

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