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Sunlight readable display & transflective lcd screen

The cost secret of sunlight readable tft

Sunlight readable tft lcd display is more and more popular in display market for these years. The tradition sunlight readable display is LED display, LED display can be in high luminance in outdoor display. But the shortage of tradition LED display is higher power consumption and its lower DPI, so more and more people is concerning about sunlight readable tft lcd display for outdoor application.

sunlight readable tft lcd display 7 inch

Sunlight readable tft lcd:

The first thing about sunlight readable tft is high brightness, as you know, TFT LCD display can not emit light by itself, tft lcd is passive display, all the display light source of tft lcd display have to be come from the outsource, such as the backlight for tft lcd. To get a better display effect in the sunlight directly, a 1000 nits brightness sunlight readable tft lcd is the popular brightness for outdoor display and sunlight readable tft.

Cost difference on sunlight readable tft:

When the people to choose sunlight readable tft lcd display, they would found the price of sunlight readable tft lcd is more higher than regular tft lcd, sometimes, the cost would be 5~6 times than regular tft lcd for indoor application. Why the cost is so big difference, it is most of people to wonder about it when they first time to meet the sunlight readable tft lcd display.

We would analyze the sunlight readable tft display from an example of 13.3 inch sunlight readable tft lcd display.

Cost factors on sunlight readable tft lcd display panel:

If you check the cost of a regular 13.3” tft lcd panel for a computer application in regular brightness of indoor usage,  you would find the its cost would be around 50 USD per unit, so how do you think about the cost of 13.3” sunlight readable tft lcd?  50% cost up or 100% cost up? Or more…,

The answer is about 4 times than regular brightness tft. So you might think, what? Why the price is so big difference? Because of cost? As we wrote on the previous article about sunlight readable tft, The cost is only part of reason for the big gap of price difference between sunlight readable tft and regular tft lcd panel. A most important reason is comes from the market reason.

As you know, a regular tft lcd panel that used in computer market, it is a very high volume production, you could image how big for a computer display screen market, the high volume production reduce lots of cost with bigger quantity, the other reason is about the market, because high volume and big market in the computer display, the competitor is also focus in this market, it lead to price is very sensitive in the computer market. While to the sunlight readable tft lcd display, it is a more smaller market to computer display market, the small market means the higher cost on production. And the sunlight readable tft would need the high brightness display, that is also a higher reliable material with industrial grade and industrial grade production standard, with high reliable quality, the small production quantity, industrial grade quality, and competitor is not so high in this market, all these reasons lead to the high price in sunlight readable tft. For high brightness tft lcd, lcd panel manufacturer sometimes only make the brightness to 500 nits at the most regarding the most of market requirement. But to higher brightness such 1000 nits++, that would be a very small market, the lcd panel manufacturer would not consider this small market regarding the production effective. Then to the sunlight readable tft that need higher brightness to 1000 nits, the upgraded lcd backlight is necessary based on the industrial grade lcd panel, the cost is increased one more time. After understand all these factors, you may know the reasons for high prices in sunlight readable tft lcd on outdoor application. In sunlight readable tft lcd display suppliers, Maclight display have its good cost solution for sunlight readable tft in outdoor, high brightness tft lcd panel and transflective tft lcd etc for outdoor application., Maclight display is a well know brand in sunlight readable tft lcd market.



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