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Sunlight readable display & transflective lcd screen

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The sunlight readable lcd can be monochrome transflective lcd or mono reflective lcd, for color sunlight readable lcd, it would be transflective tft or high brightness tft lcd available.

Transflective lcd combined the function of transmissive lcd and reflective lcd, because the lcd screen can not emit light by itself as oled screen, so the lcd has to use the light from outsources. So the light for lcd screen is necessary. The differences would be light sources.

For the transmissive lcd, its light sources would be from the backlight of LCD, for the reflective lcd, its light sources would be from the reused ambient lights, as you could see the picture, the light go through the lcd cell, and reflected on the back polarizer of lcd, no light go through the back polarizer.

sunlight readable lcd

While the transmissive lcd, the light from backlight, would go through the back of polarizer. That it is the most difference for the transmissive lcd and reflective lcd. The transflective lcd would combine the reflective lcd and transmissive lcd function, so the back polarizer on the transflective lcd, it has partial transmissive ratio and partial reflective ratio. The lcd manufacturers could adjust the reflective ratio and transmissive ratio based on the difference working environment, such as if the most application is indoor, the transflective lcd is mainly in transmissive type, while if the application is for outdoor, it would be mainly in reflective type.

sunlight readable lcd transflective lcd

As to color transflective tft lcd, its reflector layer is not on the polarizer, it would be inside the tft lcd cell, and combined reflector layer with the color filter. Its transmissive ratio would be up to the through hole on the color filter, the bigger through hole on the color filter, the higher transmissive ratio it would be, while the lower reflective ratio it would be.

The reason that the reflective layer located on the color filter, because it would bring less light dispense transflective tft, and improve the light efficiency for transflective tft lcd. because for the tft lcd cell with color filter, the color filter has blocked some light than the monochrome lcd that without the color filter. So the reflective layer inside the tft cell would decreased the light dispersion than located on the back polarizer.

Monochrome Transflective lcd or reflective lcd would be the best choice for the sunlight readable lcd, because under the outdoor environment, the ambient light would be very strong, the strong sunlight light could be a a good light source as LCD screen, on the other hand, because it don’t need the backlight for tranflective lcd or reflective lcd, it would be a perfect solution for power saving on the outdoor screen, because the lcd screen power consumption is very low, it is only around 200uA, while if you need the backlight that with LED chip, at least 15mA for each chip, so the reflective lcd and transflective lcd would be the better choice for outdoor application, especially for the better power saving application such mobile devices. if your application would be indoor or you want to see the screen in dark environment in the same time, the transflective lcd would be better.

For color transflective tft lcd display, because the tft lcd tooling fee would be very high, only some companies could make the transflective tft lcd, it lead to the transflective tft lcd is not popular because its cost is more expensive than the transmissive tft lcd. most of the Sunlight readable tft lcd solution would use the high brightness tft lcd solution to balance the strong light under the sunlight.

sunlight readable lcd

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