• Large 16x2 lcd with bezel MLC162Y-3
Large 16x2 lcd with bezel MLC162Y-3

Large 16x2 lcd with bezel MLC162Y-3

  • Large characters 16x2 lcd
  • 16 characters x 2 lines
  • Yellow-green/blue/gray display mode optional
  • 16x2 lcd with bezel
  • Product description: 16x2 LCD with bezel , large characters 16x2 lcd, yellow-green mode,1602, hd44780 or equivalent controller, black characters,competitive price.

This is a large characters 16X2 lcd module, it is with large 16x2 lcd, backlight, PCB and bezel.

The 16x2 lcd is STN mode, the colors can be yellow-green/blue modue/gray/black-white , its viewing area is 99x24mm, that can be used for the devices that need the large 16x2 characters display . its characters as large as 4.84x8.06mm,  lcd driving with 1/16 duty, 1/5 bias. White or yellow LED backlight, input voltage can be 3.3V or 5V.

yellow-green mode: 16x2 black characters, yellow-green background

Blue modue: white characters, blue background

FSTN positve mode: black character, white (grey) background

FSTN negative mode: white character, black background

this lcd module display use SPLC780D or equivalent controller, characters,competitive price,standard sizes.

Character 16*2
Part No. MLC162Y-3
Size:L*W*H 122*44*13.5
Viewing area:L*W 99.0*24.0
Dots size:L*W 0.92*1.1
Dots Pitch: 0.98*1.16
Interface Parallel

Large 16x2 lcd with bezel

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