• Character 16x2 lcd module MLC162Y-2
Character 16x2 lcd module MLC162Y-2

Character 16x2 lcd module MLC162Y-2

  • characters16x2 lcd
  • 16 characters x 2 lines
  • Yellow-green/blue/gray display mode optional
  • 16x2 lcd with bezel
  • Product description: 16x2 character lcd module , 1602 lcd, yellow-green mode,1602, SPLC780D or equivalent controller, 1competitive price.

This is a characters 16X2 lcd module, it is with large 16x2 lcd, backlight, PCB.

The 16x2 lcd is STN mode, the colors can be yellow-green/blue modue/gray/black-white , its viewing area is 55.45x10.75mm, that can be used for the devices that need the large 16x2 characters display. White or yellow LED backlight, input voltage can be 3.3V or 5V.

yellow-green mode: 16x2 black characters, yellow-green background

Blue modue: white characters, blue background

FSTN positve mode: black character, white (grey) background

FSTN negative mode: white character, black background

this lcd module display use SPLC780D or equivalent controller, characters,competitive price,standard sizes.

Character 16*2
Part No. MLC162Y-2
Size:L*W*H 85.0(W)X36.0(H)x13.0(T)
Viewing area:L*W 55.45(W)x10.75(H)
Dots size:L*W 0.55(W)x0.60(H)
Dots Pitch: 0.60 (W)x0.65(W)
Interface Parallel

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